Japan Minka Revival Association: Subcommittees

International Subcommittee

The International Subcommittee aims
1. To deepen international recognition of Japanese traditional culture in relation to traditional private houses (Minka) and daily lives.
2. To share information both within and outside of Japan about Minka and daily life.
3. To establish networks to carry out “Omotenashi” (warm reception) at Minka

We are pleased to announce that we have resumed International Subcommittee activities.

If you are interested in any one of the three initiatives above, we would appreciate your participation on this subcommittee. Regarding Item 3, we aim to promote step-by-step activities, targeting the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as our achievement year.

Cultural Planning Subcommittee

The Cultural Planning Subcommittee organizes events focused on enjoying learning about, experiencing and creating something based on the culture of minka from various aspects.

Minka Utilization Subcommittee

The Minka Utilization Subcommittee seeks ways to utilize unoccupied minka so as to preserve them for future generations.

Minka Town Planning Subcommittee

The Minka Town Planning Subcommittee aims at studying town/village planning and landscape conservation through the effective use of minka and making policy proposals.

Minka Restoration Technique Subcommittee

The Minka Restoration Technique Subcommittee studies traditional techniques found in minka and new techniques to revive minka and disseminate them widely.

Minka Support Club

The Minka Support Club works to develop volunteer networks under the slogan of “Let’s start from where each one of us can to preserve as many minka as possible.”

Minka School (one-year program)

With attendees from around the nation, the Minka School offers a series of lectures for those who want to know and learn more about minka.
Minka Open School:
The Minka Open School also offers lectures about minka. Single participation is possible.
Some regional branches also offer their own programs. For further information, contact the Secretariat at: info@minka.jp.

Minka Restoration Promotion Committee

The Minka Restoration Promotion Committee is comprised of members who are registered with JMRA as minka restoration specialists to provide advice on all sorts of issues involving minka.

Minka Bank

JMRA operates the Minka Bank to connect those who wish to transfer minka with those who wish to have them. The system, which has been in place since JMRA’s foundation, is the first of its kind, and through this 89 properties have been restored to date (as of July 2015).
Minka registered in the Bank are offered at no cost, regardless of size, conditions of materials used, etc., but once a transfer agreement is reached JMRA will collect a certain fee from the transferee for using the Bank. The fee is not a brokerage fee and is actually used for operating the Bank.
Minka Bank information is available here, but note that it is provided only in Japanese.

Format of Minka Bank Information

For any inquiries, contact the Secretariat at: info@minka.jp or click here.

JMRA Kozai Network

The JMRA Kozai Network is a nationwide network of registered specialists who deal in kozai (old wooden building materials). It was formed with the aim of promoting the effective and practical use of kozai, such as pillars and beams.